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 New Toys to play with...

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New Toys to play with... Empty
PostSubject: New Toys to play with...   New Toys to play with... EmptyMon Aug 27, 2012 9:02 pm

The woman laughed to herself as she watched the four images floating in front of her. She smiled as Forge began to show Charles Xavier and Logan a new machine he had been working on.

Her eyes moved over to the center one, watching as Barbara, or Batgirl, left the Batcave. Her eyes moved to the image holding Barbara, Oracle.

She chuckled to herself again as she flicked her wrist. A flash of light appeared in all three images.

"Step one..." She said, her smile still on her lips.

"Step two..." She said, flicking her wrist once more, as the whole Wayne Manor vanished from it's spot in Gotham.

"Now... to wait for step three." She said, moving her gaze to the final image of a young Magneto.

"Are you ready, baby?" She asked her black panther as he came over to be petted.

"This will be fun." She stated, smirking as she continued to watch her new toys.
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New Toys to play with...
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